Sally Singer

From giggles and teething rings

The booger word will bring

So many incredible things.

Grandma Sally's songs you'll sing.

Sally Singer, is a retired school teacher and pre-school principal. She's a real believer in the value of the written word and how they influence lives. She uses stories as a pathway for children to expand learning about the larger world.

Linda Guarin

Speeding planes and trains to a horse and a cart.

All the worlds' children need a head start.

BoogerBooks encourages a very happy heart.

They provide access to becoming smart.

Linda Guarin has a Masters in Education and a BA in Journalism. Teaching children around the world in Africa and Thailand, as well as in the U.S. have solidified her belief in the ability of the written word to change children's lives. These beliefs have been carried over to the BoogerBooks. Be sure to share her Blog.