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At BoogerBooks, our driving philosophy is to help children become better readers, one book at a time.


Our books focus on Character Development encouraging children to be responsible members of their families, communities, and the world at large. Boogerbooks serve as an introduction to some of life's many challenges and teaches valuable life lessons to our young readers.


In addition, we provide a read along CD to help children become more confident with their reading by giving them a fun tool to listen to our books independently.


BoogerBooks unique MIND MAP Card Sets puts years of experience, research and knowledge at your fingertips to help improve your child’s analytical and reading skills.



BoogerBooks Mind Maps

are higher level thinking games that help your child to focus on details otherwise missed.


  • Mind Maps' are an innovative pathway to provide your child a head start to reading.

  • The cards involve you and your child in fun interactive activities that broaden and enhance how they look and interpret the world.

  • The variety of subject areas, different levels of questioning, songs and activities help to challenge your child’s mind.

  • We have incorporated the time proven standards by the experts to make these cards teaching tools at your fingertips.


At Harvard University, Howard Gardner discovered what he labeled the "Seven Multiple Intelligences."


“We all possess different kinds of minds, therefore we all learn and interpret information in different ways. We are all able to know the world through language logical-mathematical analysis, spatial representation, musical thinking, the use of the body to solve problems or to make things, an understanding of other individuals, and the understanding of ourselves.”


Blooms' Taxonomy higher level thinking questions are included in the Mind Maps. These questions challenge your child to think in different ways and on different levels based on Blooms' Taxonomy. These levels include knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. They also help your child to focus on details otherwise missed. And they stimulate the brain to think in new and different ways.


Gari Stein, founder and director of Music for Little Folks says, “There is tons of research out that proves music helps children to learn and increase test scores. Music helps wire the brain, supporting a higher level of thinking. Music develops critical listening skills, stimulates all the senses, and helps children learn to recognize patterns and sequences. Children with a strong sense of musical beat are more likely to read well.”


In our everyday busy lives these cards provide multiple lessons in a snap. They can be used daily, weekly, monthly or whenever your child says those famous words,” Mom I’m bored”.


Have fun and get started boosting your child’s brain power.